The New Standard for Interior Protection

Now you can upgrade to the 'New Standard' in interior Sanitization with our advanced interior product for your vehicles' interior cabin, ventilation system, and trunk!
We've got you covered for up to one year of continuous resistance from odors and microbes. The invisible antimicrobial barrier completely sanitizes your car.

Easy to Apply •

10-minute application

Easy to Clean •

Food, grime, mold, and dirt don't stand a chance against Pro-tect.

Environmentally Safe •

Water-based and does not contain or release harmful chemicals into the earth, air, or ozone, making this product environmentally green and Hyper-green.

Bonds •

Bonds to the hard and soft surfaces of your vehicle, providing a superior protection barrier.

When was the last time you sanitized?

  • Complete odor eliminator
  • EPA registered
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Works on all interior surfaces
  • Safely removes 99% of germs and microbes
  • Continuous anti-microbial protection barrier that resists odor-causing harmful germs and microbes
  • Resistant to Harmful Microbes
  • One-year guarantee against odors

Advanced antimicrobial interior sanitizer and odor control package for your vehicle

  • Completely safe and non-flammable
  • Continuous Sanitizer and Odor Barrier
  • Environmentally Friendly, VOC and CFC free

Vehicle Application

  1. Wipe and spray on the surface with a microfiber cloth, fine mist spray trigger bottle or ultra-low volume atomizer.
  2. Let the vehicle sit for 15 minutes to complete the bonding cycle.