How Long can a Honda Civic Car Last?

The Honda Civic has been popular since it was introduced to the market in 1973. Its design is a major factor in its fame, but is the technology worth the investment? If you already own or are considering buying a Honda Civic, you might want to know how long it would last.

Outshining the Competition 

The Honda Civic has been unstoppable, gaining incredible sales for one major reason: its excellent mileage. With users reporting up to 375,000 miles on early models, these are undoubtedly some of the most long-lasting vehicles ever made. 

There aren’t yet many customer reviews on mileage of the 2020 Honda Civic, but past experiences with the brand mean it’s promising. Statistics have proved that most Civic owners hold on to their Hondas for over ten years. 

Caution is Key 

The way you drive your car can determine how long it lasts. Shift gears carefully, avoid beat-up roads, and handle with care, and this will eventually maximize its lifespan. 


Most users who’ve had their Honda for years take good care of it. Well-maintained vehicles have outshined owner expectations, and there isn’t a reason why it can’t be that way for you too. Honda provides a maintenance guide that you should follow religiously. Regularly have your car looked at and make sure the gaskets, engine, and spark plugs are all in working order.

Have your mechanic top up the fluids in your car and check for oil leaks. For people living in or around Great Neck, Port Washington, and Roslyn, head down to Advantage Honda in Manhasset, NY, to get the best service for your Honda Civic. 

From customer reviews to test statistics, everything points to the fact that the Honda Civic is indeed a long-lasting, worthy investment for the price. If you are considering upgrading cars or investing in your first vehicle, have a look at the new 2020 Honda Civic or 2020 Honda Civic Si. Both models offer exceptional fuel efficiency, easy handling, and a comfortable ride. To learn more about them or to take one for a test drive, contact Advantage Honda in Manhasset, NY. 

Source: Advantage Honda