4 Ways to Winter Prep Your Car

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Winter is a beautiful season, but it can create havoc for drivers. Driving in the winter is very different compared to other seasons because of environmental variables such as freezing rain, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. To ensure your vehicle continues to operate well, you need to prepare it.

Listed below are four ways to prep your car for winter:

1) Check Antifreeze Levels

Antifreeze is a substance that prevents your engine from freezing. In frigid temperatures, it takes your engine some time to start-up. Keep checking on your car’s antifreeze levels. The instructions are listed in the manual. Adding this substance is quite simple.

2) Keep A Winter Supply Box

This is an important safety measure for yourself. In case you get stranded out in the cold and are waiting for emergency assistance, a winter supply box can save your life. Here’s what you should keep in your box:

- set of warm clothes

- flashlight

- first-aid kit

- extra pair of gloves

- blanket

- high-energy snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, etc.

- ice scraper

- bag of sand

3) Check Tread Depth and Tire Pressure

Good tires are the key to keeping you safe on the road. With snow and ice, you need excellent traction. Start by checking the condition of your tires. First, check the tire pressure level using a gauge. You can find these at any auto store. If it’s low, you need to fill them up with air at your nearest gas station. 

Your tires also need sufficient treads on them. You can perform the ‘Lincoln’ test by inserting a penny into a tread with Lincoln’s head pointing inward. If you’re able to Lincoln’s entire head, then your tires need to be replaced ASAP. If you live in an area that’s particularly walloped with snow and ice, then winter tires are recommended.

4) Change to a Winter Wiper Fluid

Ordinary winter washer fluid is suitable for the warmer seasons, i.e., summer and spring. You will not be able to use this same washer fluid in the winter because it will freeze as soon as it comes into contact with the windshield.

Before winter arrives, switch to a “winter” washer fluid. This is designed to weather the rigors of winter. In fact, it will help loosen the snow and ice from your windshield!

Source: Pexels