2021 Honda HR-V vs. 2021 Toyota C-HR: Which Is The Better Crossover?

Honda crossover SUVs have experienced both critical and commercial success and the HR-V has been at the forefront of this success. In this post, we’re going to do a brief comparison between the 2021 Honda HR-V and the 2021 Toyota C-HR to find out which one among them is the better crossover.

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On the performance front, the Toyota C-HR is slightly ahead of the Honda crossover because of its four-cylinder engine that delivers 144 HP instead of the 141 HP delivered by the HR-V’s engine. However, the C-HR does feel slightly sluggish and it gets surprisingly noisy when the driver pushes down hard on the gas pedal.

Fuel Economy

In terms of fuel economy, the Honda HR-V is the clear winner, as it delivers 28 MPG within city limits and 34 MPG on highways. The C-HR only manages around 27 MPG within city limits and 31 MPG on highways.


Even though the C-HR has an attractive cabin layout, the fact that many interior components are made of hard plastic ultimately makes it feel cheap. On the other hand, the HR-V offers interiors that look and feel sophisticated thanks to its cloth upholstery and soft plastic components.


Tech features on the standard HR-V offering are a bit limited and to enjoy the widest range of tech and infotainment features, buyers have to opt for the Sport trim. The C-HR offers features such as a Wi-Fi hotspot, satellite radio, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility even on the standard trim.


In terms of safety, both the HR-V and the C-HR offer similar features, but as is the case with the tech features, Toyota includes far more safety features as standard than Honda. To enjoy features such as automatic high-beam headlights and adaptive cruise control on the HR-V, buyers have to choose at least the EX trim, which is slightly more expensive than the base model.

However, ultimately, the Honda HR-V wins simply because its price is significantly lower than the base model of the C-HR. So, come to Empire Honda of Manhasset, a quality Honda Long Island dealership located in Manhasset, NY near Roslyn, North Hills, and Thomaston.