New Arrival: 2020 Honda Pilot

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Honda has an SUV for lifestyle, and the 2020 Honda Pilot is one of the top choices when it comes to a mid-sized family SUV. With large cargo space and room to accommodate eight people comfortably, the Honda Pilot is perfect for big families.

Updates in the 2020 Honda Pilot

The 2020 Honda Pilot has received the mildest of upgrades as compared to its previous model. This year, the Pilot lineup has a new range-topping addition, which is the Black edition.

The 2020 Honda Pilot Black edition has blacked-out exteriors, red interior accents and offers the standard all-wheel drive. This vehicle ranks high on class as well as utility. Most of the versions of this vehicle have front-wheel drive as the standard, while all-wheel drive is standard on the Elite, Touring, and Black Edition versions.

Interior Features

The cabin of this vehicle is built to be practical and spacious. The 2020 Honda Pilot is known to have one of the best-made and functional cabins, that is perfect for families. There are multiple tiers of bins on the doors, the center stack, and everywhere in the front.

In addition, the vehicle includes a big center bin that can hold a purse as well as other valuables. It even fits several cupholders. You can choose to have an in-cabin PA system installed too.

Most of the 2020 Honda Pilot trims have a three-across second row. Higher-end trims have two captain chairs in the middle row, allowing seven passengers to fit in the vehicle comfortably.

The high seating, the large windows, as well as the thin roof pillars ensure that the driver and the passengers have the best road visibility. The vehicle also offers driver assistance technology, including automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist.

Engine and Fuel Economy

The 2020 Honda Pilot has a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that packs a lot of power. Fuel economy has always been a strong suit for Honda, and the same holds for this model as well. An all-wheel-drive version equipped with the nine-speed automatic can offer 26-mpg highway and 19-mpg city EPA ratings. If you are looking for a practical vehicle for you and your family, why not head over to Advantage Honda to test drive the 2020 Honda Pilot today.

Source: Honda