2020 Honda Fit Features

Advantage Honda stocks the 2020 Honda Fit with new and updated innovations. Make sure to visit us to check out these brand new features before you make your vehicle purchase.

If you’re looking to invest in a hatchback to drive you around places at an affordable price without compromising on your safety or luggage space, the 2020 Honda Fit is the car for you. The hatchback vehicle is surprisingly spacious for its type and offers excellent mileage capacity. Below, we discuss a few of these facilities and amenities that you can find on sale from the 2020 Honda Fit. Contact Advantage Honda for a personalized experience!

Reasonable Engine Power

The 2020 Honda Fit Features a 1.5l in-line 4 and 6-speed manual or continuously variable automatic transmission. The CVT provides for paddle shifters and a sport mode, which makes driving the vehicle a smoother experience. You can expect to hit 60mph in 10 seconds. Soft suspension and responsive steering add to the overall driving experience of the model.

Stunning Trim Options

The look and color options make up a huge part of the 2020 Honda Fit Features. The Sport trim with its racy accents and black wheels are quite appealing. Even the EX-L trims manage to look a lot more expensive than the price bracket the 2020 Honda Fit belongs to.

Prioritizes your Safety

Expect active safety tech facilities as part of the 2020 Honda Fit in all its trims. The crash test scores for the vehicle also guarantee the safety of passengers riding in the Honda Fit. After all, what use is a vehicle that doesn’t prioritize driver and passenger safety?

Worth its Price

The 2020 Honda Fit fits you, your friends/family, and all the cargo you could hope to carry in a hatchback considerably well. You can plug on your phone to its standard touchscreen and use other smart infotainment features. You can even avail Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in some of the trims. All in all, a dependable buy – you won’t be let down by all the 2020 Honda Fit has to provide.