How To Clean Cloth Car Seat

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How To Clean Cloth Car Seat

Cloth car seats have an advantage over other types of materials. For instance, they are easier to clean and maintain than leather, which requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Cloth car seats are simpler to maintain, but they must be cleaned with care. Here are some tips on how to clean cloth car seats.

1. Remove papers, crumbs, and any other foreign matter with your hands. You could use a brush and pan to do this.
2. Get rid of fine dust by vacuuming the seats. Allow the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to get into the seams to remove dust collected in those areas.
3. Spray on a light layer of fabric or all-purpose cleaning solution on the car seat. A couple of sprays over a large area should be sufficient. The trick is to ensure you don’t saturate any part of the seat with the cleaning solution, as these areas would be hard to dry out and lead to mold formation on the cushion
4. Use a gentle, soft brush immediately on the area that is covered with the solution. Work the brush in light, gentle strokes over one small area at a time. Don’t use a carpet brush as it will fray your cloth seats.
5. Wipe away suds and excess water with a clean, dry cloth. Do this when you notice the suds picking up the dirt off the covers. Remove the dirty suds before they have a chance to dry out or they will leave stains on your sat.
6. Repeat the steps over small areas, spraying, massaging, and wiping one area at a time, until the seats are clean.
7. Once you are done, run the vacuum cleaner over the seats once again. This will ensure you get rid of any remaining sediment off of the seats.

Tip: If you want to avoid harsh commercial cleaners, you can make your own cleaning solution by mixing 250 ml of white distilled vinegar with a few drops of dish soap and a gallon of water. Dab the solution gently onto the seat and use a soft brush to clean the area. Rinse the solution with clean water and use a soft microfiber towel to get rid of dirty suds.

Source: Honda